Drepung monastery
Before the Chinese occupation Drepung was the largest monastery of the world, with more than 10000 monks. As Sera, it was founded in the 15th century by the Gelugpa sect. It is a real small town located on a mountain slope in the outskirts of Lhasa, among rounded granitic rocks. The suburbs of the town now extend up to the foot of the Drepung hill, a dreary panorama to enjoy from the roofs of the monastery...

Drepung consists of many buildings: temples, schools and residences for monks connected by small steep streets and stairs.

Pilgrims visit every day the monastery, coming from all the regions of Tibet. Here a group rests at the entrance of one of the main temples.

Around the complex runs a long kora, a charming prayer circuit that climbs in a small quiet valley behind the monastery, among painted rocks, clusters of trees (so rare in Tibet!) and thousands of prayer flags.

Along the kora devouts pray, incessantly turning their prayer wheels to diffuse in the air the mantras printed on the roll of paper inside the cylinder.