Life in the country
The life of most Tibetans living in mountain villages is based on raising sheep, goats, cows, and first of all, yaks. The yak provides a lot of products: meat, milk, hair, hide and... dung. Since the wood is extremely rare in Tibet, every family keeps large amounts of dry dung piled in an orderly way against the house wall, to be burned in the stove.

On the arid slopes of the mountains it is easy to meet herds of yaks or flocks of sheep, watched by young shepherds.

Sometimes a catapult and a stone can be useful to convince a too lazy yak that it is time to return home.

Horses are also very common in Tibet, still used as a mean of transport. In the left picture a man is riding in a wind-storm; in the right one, few horses are peacefully grazing at the foot of the Nyenchen Tangla range.

Small tractors are more efficient to carry people and goods, and are able to run on every type of ground... but maybe not on this bridge...