Life in a village
Tibetan country houses are one floor buildings with a flat roof. The walls covered with white plaster shine in the sun, making a strong contrast with the blue of the sky.

Often a yak skull stands over the main entrance to protect the house.

Many houses in Yangpachen are actually small shops, that sell everything: food, drinks, clothes, wool, tools, shoes...

In this shop an image of the previous Panchen Lama, the second spiritual leader after the Dalai Lama (whose image is strictly forbidden) smiles from a small altar in the back.

This is a baker, preparing the dough for the bread, very tasty flat round loaves.

But most activities occur outdoor, on the dusty edges of the road: a butcher slaughters a yak, a shoemaker repairs some shoes and a tailor cuts a woollen fabric to make a "chuba", the typical Tibetan dress.

And who has nothing to sell or buy, says the rosary, asking money to the passers-by.